Worst Passwords of 2014

Passwords in a work environment, in all honesty, can be a pain. That is, if they are not managed correctly. There is nothing worse then going to another computer and not knowing the password for it, or having to setup your business email on your mobile phone and not knowing the password for it. Some find the solution in creating non unique passwords which are easy to remember, such as 123456 which has been the most used password since 2011, or the name of their business in lower case. Sure it makes things easy to remember and there is no flicking through writing down passwords (Also a bad idea), however it makes all your important information susceptible¬†to hackers and scammers, and that’s bad!

SpashData, who make various security applications, including secure password and record management solutions, have released a list of the most used passwords for 2014, which contains some ‘great’ ones such as 123456 and password which have held the top spot since 2011. It’s a great insight into end users take on security, and if your password is in the top 25 list which they provide, can we suggest changing it?

You can find the article here: http://splashdata.com/press/worst-passwords-of-2014.htm

The complete list of the top 25 is below

Rank Password Change from 2013
1 123456 No Change
2 password No Change
3 12345 Up 17
4 12345678 Down 1
5 qwerty Down 1
6 123456789 No Change
7 1234 Up 9
8 baseball New
9 dragon New
10 football New
11 1234567 Down 4
12 monkey Up 5
13 letmein Up 1
14 abc123 Down 9
15 111111 Down 8
16 mustang New
17 access New
18 shadow Unchanged
19 master New
20 michael New
21 superman New
22 696969 New
23 123123 Down 12
24 batman New
25 trustno1 Down 1

When we do Service Level Agreements for companies, one of the many things we look at is password management. We can advise and consult on the best types of passwords to use, and also help track and have readily available (to the right people of course) the required password. And of course, should anything go wrong, we have most systems setup so we can easily and quickly reset any password which has been forgotten or is required to remain secret even from us. Contact Us today to talk about your password security.